Program description

The Bridge Accelerator’s rigorous 12-week development program is designed for existing suppliers operating in the Paso del Norte region.  


12 weeks of fast-paced training with business development experts. 

One module a week, 10 modules total: 

  • Two instruction sessions per module 
  • Weekly office hours for personalized attention. 
Hybrid modality.
  • Half sessions will be held online on Microsoft Teams  
  • Half sessions face-to-face at either Technology HUB at Juarez, Pioneers 21 at el Paso or at Arrowhead Center at NMSU, Las Cruces. 
  • In-person Demo Day: showcase and networking event to present you value proposition on stage and meet one on one with business executives, buyers, and investors.  
Sales pitch training and development: 
  • Create and refine a professional sales pitch and value proposition.    
  • Preparation sessions throughout the course with expert public speakers 
  • The opportunity to present your pitch at Demo Day to potential industrial buyers and investors.  

Lesson plan

Week 1 – Module 1

Innovation 101 and tech trends.

Week 2 – Module 2

Customer Discovery and Value Proposition design. 

Week 3 – Module 3

Marketing strategy.

Week 4 – Module 4

Project management: Agile-Scrum. 

Week 5 – Module 5

Quality & Compliance systems.

Week 6 – Module 6

Sales and Financial strategy.

Week 7 – Module 7

Talent Development and Human Capital Management.

Week 8 – Module 8

Intellectual Property and Strategic Alliances. 

Week 9 – Module 9

Capital investment 101

Week 10 – Module 10

Business Model Canvas & Sustainable Innovation.

To participate your company must:

Have operations in the Paso del Norte region. 
Have been incorporated in Mexico and/or or the U.S. for at least two years. 
Have a track record of doing business with large manufacturing companies or maquiladoras (preferred, but not necessary) 
Have personnel able to move back and forth across the border to attend program sessions.  

Program experts

Horman Millán

 Consultant, Instructor and Senior Manager​

Martin Keshishian

 Product Procurement and Supply Chain Management​

Ramiro Alcoverde

EHS Expert and Manager​

Ricardo Mora

CEO Business Innovation Center

Rene Pons 

Digital Strategy, User Experience, Product Development, and Innovation

Iliana Nuñez

Human capital development

Adam Marshall

Creating experiences with people​

Eduardo Cervera

Expert in Industrial and Intelectual Property​

Carlos Murguía

Venture Capital, Project Management and Entrepreneurship​

Natalie Littlefield

Dedicated economic and workforce development leader ​

Mauro Vega

Enterprise Development

Alejandro Najera

Creative Engineering Leader​

David Andujo

Expert in Innovation, Startups and Entrepreneurship​

Frequently Asked Questions

Who should apply to the program? 

Small and medium sized businesses in the El Paso-Juarez and Chihuahua region that have been incorporated for more than 2 years and have experience in supplying at least one large manufacturing company. 1-3 owners and/or members of the company’s executive staff will be expected to participate in the program. 

Is there a cost to participate in the program? 

There is a one-time registration fee of $5,000 USD (tax deductible expense) which covers all program materials and sessions. This fee is heavily discounted from actual program costs thanks to the generous support of our sponsors. 

Do program participants need a passport?

Yes, passports are a must. Some workshops may take place either Ciudad Juarez, El Paso or Las Cruces. At least some participants from your company need to be able to cross the border back and forth between Mexico and the United States. 

Why is the Bridge in the borderland? 

Together, Ciudad Juarez and El Paso constitute one of the largest concentrations of manufacturing in North America. This regional marketplace creates big business opportunities for SMEs and businesses capable of supplying goods and services for manufacturers in the region. Furthermore, we believe that by increasing the technical skills, business expertise, and innovation capabilities of business ventures in this region, we can create the necessary momentum for local suppliers to take part in the global marketplace. At The Bridge Accelerator program, we are confident that our position in the El Paso-Juarez border region provides unique opportunities that build our community up rather than hinder our progress. 

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